eau claire wine

Wine Club

Our wine club offers access to amazing wines, with the convenience of having them pre-selected and delivered right to your door!  Your package will be delivered right to you, payment taken on the spot, and your previous package with empties taken off your hands.  Remember the concept of the milk man?  The empty jugs were replaced with filled ones, and the empties taken…so convenient!  Well, we’re doing it with wine!

All you need to do is fill out our form in-store, specifying the frequency of delivery, type of wines (All red, all white, or mixed) you want delivered based on our 3-tier packages and pay a one-time “Riverfront Wine Club” fee of $50. It’s that easy!

Packages Available:

Bronze – 6 wines of $100 total value

Silver – 6 wines of $225 total value

Gold – 6 wines of $450 total value