Wine2Door Delivery Club

Why bother driving to the wine shop, walking through the aisles and guessing what wines to buy?  Instead, join a wine club and have a customized selection based on your current preferences, delivered right to your door!  Riverfront Wine & Spirits has launched its own club, and it’s called “Wine2Door”.  

Here are the details:

Choose the number of bottles in your package:  6 or 12

Choose your package tier:  BRONZE  ($15-$29/bottle), SILVER ($30 – $49/bottle) or GOLD ($50 – $80)

Choose your style preferences:  “ALL RED”, “ALL WHITE”, “SEASONAL” or “SURPRISE ME!”

Choose your commitment level:  3 Deliveries (within 6-months) for 10% OFF all the wines in the package, 6 Deliveries (within 12-months) for 15% OFF all the wines in the package, or 12 Deliveries (within 24-months) for 20% OFF all of the wines in the package!

“How do I sign up?”

Call (403.475.7455) or E-mail us ( and let us know which route you would like to take.  We will send you a form to complete, sign and send back, that’s it!  A couple of days before your delivery, we will call to confirm the delivery date and time, and see if there is anything else you may want delivered since we will be heading your way.